Jim Stewart & Margaret Winters


St. Anthony First Communion 2017

Potenti, St. Anthony School


St. Anthony School Groups 2016-2017

St. Anthony School 2016-2017

St. Luke Graduation 2016

St. Luke 8th Grade Party 2016

St. Anthony Confirmation 2016

St. Anthony First Communion 2016

Lamont 2014-2015

St. Luke School Groups 2015-2016

St. Anthony School Groups 2015-2016

St. Luke School 2015-2016

St. Anthony School 2015-2016

St. Anthony Groups 2014-2015

St. Anthony School 2014-2015

St. Anthony 8th Grade Class & Hat Toss 2015

St. Luke 8th Grade Graduation 2015

St. Luke 8th Grade Class 2015

St. Anthony School 2014

St. Anthony Confirmation 2015

St. Anthony First Communion 2015

Chaparro 2010

St. Luke Graduation 2014

St. Luke Graduation 2014 VIDEO

St. Anthony First Communion 2012

St. Anthony Hat Toss 2014

St. Luke 8th Grade & Hat Toss 2014

St. Anthony 1st Communion 2013

Marie's 90th

St.Anthony Confirmation 2014

St. Luke Groups 2014

St. Anthony Groups 2014

St. Luke School 2014

St. Anthony Hat Toss 2013

St. Luke Graduation 2013

St. Luke Hat Toss 2013

St. Anthony 1st Communion 2013

St. Anthony Confirmation 2013

St. Anthony 1st Communion 2010

St. Anthony 1st Communion 2007

St. Anthony 1st Communion 2008

St. Anthony Groups of 2013

St. Anthony Class of 2013

St. Luke Groups of 2013

St. Luke Class of 2013

St. Anthony Confirmation 2010


Holley C.

St. Luke Group Photos 2012

St. Luke Hat Toss and 8th Grade graduation Photo 2012

St. Luke Graduation 2012

St. Anthony Hat Toss 2012

St. Anthony Confirmation 2011

Kyle and Amanda

Irish Fest 2012 West Palm Beach

St Anthony Confirmation 2012

SIFMA Award for Isabelle 2012

St. Luke Graduation 2011

St. Luke Class of 2012

Brant School Photos

Kelly School Photos

St. Anthony 1st Communion 2011

St. Anthony Confirmation 2011

St. Anthony Class of 2012

St. Anthony Class of 2011

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St. Luke Graduation 2011

St. Luke Hat Toss and Class of 2011

Bostwick / Winters Wedding

Anderson Family

St Luke Graduation Day 2010

St Luke Graduation Party 2010

Turtle River 2010

Hat Toss St. Luke 2010

Hat Toss St. Anthony 2010

The Prodigals

The Coastmen Chorus

Bambino Entertainment

Tir Na Greine



Miss Palm Beach

Jeremy and Sofia


Miss Palm Springs

St. Anthony, Class of 2010

St. Luke, Class of 2010

1st Communion 2008

1st Communion 2007

St. Luke Graduation Party 2009

St. Luke Graduation 2009

St. Anthony Confirmation 2008

1st Communion 2009

Fight Night

St. Anthony Confirmation 2009

St. Anthony Confirmation 2008

Kathy & Jerry


Brannan Family

St. Anthony, Class Photo's  2008-2009

 St. Luke, Class Photo's  2008-2009

Derek and Victoria

Anderson Family

St. Luke, Class of 2008

Hat Toss & Class of 2008

Victoria & Derek

Vertigo - U2 Band

O'Neille's T-Shirts



Irish Fest 2007



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